World Environment Day Celebrations

Another month has rolled by and today we celebrated World Environment Day at our Community Market (a few days early). This Video was screened by the Mothers Climate Action Group at their stall. It’s a video made by Sharnie of the day we all gathered outside our Federal MP’s Office in Springwood (April 30). By the very nature of what we were all doing at the market today we were all being political – taking part in Relocalization.At our food co-op stall I sold silverbeet and broccoli out of my garden, and Alex and Chris also brought along bags

of jerusalem artichokes as well as lots of beautiful fresh herbs – we had fennel, rosemary, sorrel, thyme, Egyptian mint, sage, lemon balm, rocket, parsley and chervil. We also sold local honey and beeswax again too.The boys learnt how to make a worm farm and took part in a recycled craft workshop, as well as selling lots of their old toys … and coming home with lots of other ones from their friends. They won a prize in the animal mask parade and I came home with a black cashmere wool coat for only $25 – we were all happy.The hardest thing was seeing a beautiful new cookbook all about preserving food. I used to be a food writer and have been a mega consumer of cookbooks all my life, so it was a supreme act of self discipline to say no to this book. It was such a battle with my conscience, that I definitely see it as my personal action for today. Coincidentally, when I came home, I read an article in The Guardian about how over 8000 people around the world have committed to the Compact : Shopping? They just don’t buy itAlso on the web I saw that Australia and its climate were the lead stories on the BBC news today: Australian PM pledges climate planThe article finished with:

“Whatever the arguments, many Australians want their leaders to be far more proactive when it comes to the environment”

They also included a very disturbing article about predictions for Sydney: Climate Change Warning For Sydney

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  1. Anna

    The community market was wonderful! Great music and great community. Bought a fab white shirt for $1 and had been looking at new ones (but talked myself out of buying them}so the great Goddess of Compact Culture has answered my prayers. Also a punnet of marigold seedlings (also $1)for the vege garden (think they are good for soil nemitodes? and look so pretty)Had some for years that self seeded every year but finally lost them to the drought.
    My political actions over the weekend were to write to John Howard and Kevin Rudd again about Anvil Hill (seeing I couldnt make it to the protest.
    My personal action was to see As it is in Heaven the uplifting Swedish film about opening your heart, choirs and community. Very, very beautiful!

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