Will Ferrell & Al Gore for president?


I’m not sure whether this video about the “i” range by Apple makes me want to laugh or cry (click here to watch it) but every now and then something happens which is simply perfect …. BMW has just launched the Hydrogen 7 car it developed with NASA. The first one has gone to Will Ferrell. I love it. A hydrogen car going to a brilliant comedian who has earned worldwide recognition for imitating and mocking George Bush, America’s Texan oil man. I love it. I love it. I love it.

Check out Will Ferrell as George Bush by clicking here:


Then check out Al Gore pretending to be the President America could have had by clicking here:


But getting back to the Hydrogen 7:

In launching the program, BMW underscores the fact that the BMW Hydrogen 7 is not a concept car, but a production model vehicle that has successfully completed the entire Product Development Process, meeting all the standards necessary for driving on U.S. roadways. Running in hydrogen mode, the BMW Hydrogen 7 essentially emits nothing but water vapour, representing a major step in reducing harmful CO2 emissions. During the program, 25 of the 100 cars that are produced will be used in evaluation programs in the US. The BMW Hydrogen 7 is not for sale, but is considered to be a milestone in bringing forward hydrogen as the sustainable fuel for individual transportation.

BMW believes hydrogen will replace petroleum as the long-term alternative to fossil fuel, and hopes the Hydrogen 7 will play a pioneering role in driving forward the hydrogen technologies that will ensure our mobility in the future.


BMW’s marketing strategy sets the company up as a “pioneering” one …. they’ve “enabled” the Club of Pioneers site that’s on my blogroll, bringing together leading innovation in Global Warming research, and they’ve been working closely with NASA to develop this car. Hey, I can excuse anything, even from a car company, just for the joy of knowing that they’ve given one to Will Ferrell …. heeheeheehee! I love it, I love it, I love it.

Click here if you’d like to see a video and read more about hybrid cars and if you’d like a more critical review of the Hydrogen 7 check out this one in Scientific American

The most exciting vehicle I’ve heard of so far is the world’s first wave energy powered bus, funded by Greenpeace and running in Islay, in the western isles of Scotland:


The LIMPET wave machine is the only commercially operating wave power station in the UK. Scottish and Southern, the local electricity company, have allocated electricity generated by the LIMPET to the bus operators, to cover the charging needs of the bus.

According to Greenpeace, between them wind, wave and tidal power could deliver more than twice as much electricity than the new fleet of nuclear reactors being debated – and the renewables would be built more quickly.

For my personal action today I bought bulk woolwash and bulk clothes washing powder from the Co-Op …. it’s great to know that you can take your old containers there and get them filled. I’m thrilled every time I can prevent more plastic containers needing to be made.

I also made my first fruit pulp for the boys today …. you put frozen fruit through the juicer and get sugar free “icecream” …. no preservatives, no fat, no plastic container.

My political action today was to send an email to Malcolm Turnbull, who has invited comments, about the proposed Gunns Pulp Mill in the Tamar Valley, Tasmania. THIS IS A VERY URGENT ISSUE.

A letter has been drafted and posted to the Women for Change Alliance website. If you click on the link it will download to a document on your desktop. All you need to do is copy, personalise and email/send it

to Mr. Turnbull.

Please do not let the Pulp Mill become Australia’s Pollution and Climate Change Shame.