The Power of Community

There’s very little that could be more powerful than a group of people with the same goal working together. Last Saturday, after one hour of throwing ideas around, 12 of us permablitzed for 3 hours to transform  a neglected patch of yard into a productive herb and vegetable garden. What was achieved in an extremely enjoyable morning would have taken the owner of the property at least 36 hours to achieve on his own … probably longer given that the group dynamic meant that energy levels were high and everyone was motivated to get the job done quickly.

In the 3 hours we transformed this:

into a mandala garden full of vegetable seedlings:

with paths for easy access to all parts of the garden:

we also turned this neglected garden bed:

into a herb spiral with lots of tiny plantings which are hard to see in this photo, but that should be lush and green by spring:

and this weedy patch:

into a lovely pond area ….

… one that attracted a frog immediately!

we also built a quick compost bay and made a Cambodian compost to help feed the lemon tree:

… and even the leftover sand and gravel were transformed!

Meanwhile, I’ve been plodding

on with my own daily gardening which has achieved way less than we managed to achieve as a group last Saturday and, as I sit here wondering whether it’s about to snow, I have to admit that most of it’s been armchair gardening … but more on that in the next blog.

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3 thoughts on “The Power of Community

  1. mountainslife

    all that lavender and agapanthus – just like our front yard! although we’re renting, we’re blitzing it up as well – have hoisted out the agapanthus and planning to plant some indigenous plants to attract birdlife.

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