Sequester Water AS WELL AS Carbon!

“What permaculturists are doing is the most important activity that any group is doing on the planet”
David Suzuki

The distribution of atmospheric water vapor, a significant greenhouse gas, varies across the globe. During the summer and fall of 2005, this visualization shows that most vapor collects at tropical latitudes, particularly over south Asia, where monsoon thunderstorms swept the gas some 2 miles above the land. (Credit: NASA)

If humanity is to survive it is imperative not just to reduce future CO2 emissions but also to find ways to take CO2 out of the atmosphere AND to sequester water in the natural systems which stored and cleaned it so well for so long.

“We now think the water vapor feedback is extraordinarily strong, capable of doubling the warming due to carbon dioxide alone.”

The rehabilitation of soil and aquifers with water sequestration programmes may help

us reduce climate extremes by helping us deal with one of the main consequences of global warming – desertification.

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