He knows when you've been good or bad…



My children are getting too smart. They’ve obviously realised that there’s no point asking me to buy them toys all the time (you’re just getting sucked in by people who want to sell you plastic crap .. said with a demonic look and eyes rolling – don’t worry, the markets will be on soon and you can swap things there). So now they’ve decided to bypass the small guy and go straight to the top! All week they’ve been writing letters to Santa. Fortunately today Santa wrote back to me in appreciation of my efforts and to let me know that he’s actually on my side. And I was shocked. For the first time ever Santa is angry – and I mean really really angry.


He sent me this letter to pass on to Frank Sartor and Morris Iemma (he didn’t even start with “Dear”)

Mr Sartor and Mr Iemma,

HOW DARE YOU! Here I am at the “coalface” so to speak – trying to save my home which is melting rapidly and trying to get to as many of the sick and starving children as I can – knowing that they will soon lose their homes too … and what do you do but go and approve more coalmines – you should not have said yes to the Anvil Hill mine. ARE YOU OFF YOUR HEADS! I will not go on because anger does not suit me BUT let it be known now and for eternity that neither you, nor any of your family members, will ever receive Christmas presents from me again. You have committed the most unforgiveable and offensive crime against the children of the world and history will judge you harshly,

I must “cool down” because the ice around me is melting so fast, so I am asking one of my ecowarriors to pass this on to you,

please do not bother to write back,

Santa Claus

North Pole (but not for much longer)

PS. And Mr Howard is no better … I will not forgive HIM for not allowing my elves to relocate to Australia.

Well, so much for the other political activities I was contemplating doing today – Santa’s

job has to take priority. I’ve printed 2 copies of the letter and sent it to our Premier and his sidekick.

Trying to calm down myself I’ve spent the day “cocooning”. I’ve been a domestic goddess and, in between massive cleaning bouts, have been doing the long and fiddly job of seedsaving. Getting the seeds out of sunflowers takes forever but, as the wind howls outside, I dream of a garden full of these happy flowers again next year. The same thoughts dreamily pass through my mind as I crack bean seeds out of their pods, brush coriander and dill seeds off their stems, rub the flesh off pumpkin seeds and strip dried rosemary off aromatic little sticks. I’m saving these sticks, too, for making kebabs. A way to scent food from within on a barbecue


As I’ve been cleaning I’ve also been experimenting with one of the “green” tips I got from Friends of the Earth. They suggested making a scourer out of the plastic nets that oranges come in. I tied mine in a knot then wrapped it around itself. But that’s as far as I’ve gone. I’m not THAT much of a domestic goddess. It’s Ian’s job to do the dishes so I’ll have to wait for his feedback as to whether it works or not!




4 thoughts on “He knows when you've been good or bad…

  1. Gail

    Just LOVE the Santa letter – can I copy it and send it on also with extra comments.

    WHY on earth couldn’t the NSW Govt include the Anvil people in more research and action for clean energy ! and jobs.

    Going away this weekend – you can blame me for the inclement weather for the long weekend – I haven’t had a holiday anywhere in years and I picked now. The rain is good but the wind is bad and neither are good for the harbour cruise planned at Port Stephens.

  2. Gail

    further to Anvil Hill mine approval, I especially love the “ARE YOU OFF YOUR HEADS” bit

  3. Lis

    Yes feel free to use it Gail … I’m glad you like it!

    I’m so sorry about your holiday … sounds like it might be lots of cafes and restaurants … take care

  4. susan

    Some soft fruit seeds(like tomatoes)need to be fermented before you dry them and save them, personally I do it to pumpkins too – easier to rub the skin off that way. And those you don’t want to grow from can be slowly baked in a few of those herbs you are saving.
    I’ll tell you about it next week.

    I am making pumpkin soup from one of my home grown ‘babies’ today that’s about as personally sustainable as I feel up to today. I am damp and cold and am fighting the temptation to put a heater on, despite already wearing 2 pairs of pants and multiple layers on top. Politically I am doing some research for BM Conservation Society, sitting in front of the computer is not making my blood boil the way poor Santa’s is.
    By the look of the amount of water going over the Katoomba Cascades today we could put a hydro station there; who needs Anvil Hill coal anyway.
    Just a pity my new water tank is not hooked up yet.

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