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Question everything

How can I suck thee in? Let me count the ways.This ad went to air in America during May last year. It was put together by the CEI (Competitive Enterprise

Institute) – the same Exxon Mobil funded think tank that put out the press releases about Al Gore’s electricity bill. These appeared in papers around the world the day after An Inconvenient Truth won the Oscar.
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China – the world's factory


Early this morning we drove home from Canowindra via the Coal Fired Power Stations at Wallerawang. At Mt Lambie, which overlooks the Power Stations, I stopped to straighten the vase of flowers on my friend Sonya’s grave. A storm must have blown it over. In 1992 we were working together at Prime Television and I remember how excited she was because she was about to go on an overseas trip. On her way home, a truck heavily laden with wool bales put an end to her dreams as it tipped its load onto her small car. Continue reading