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A bite of borage, a shot of courage


Quick, before Monsanto gets hold of the seeds … get yourself a borage plant!

Pliny, and others throughout history, have attributed borage with giving people courage, driving away sadness and depression and lifting the spirits – just what we need to help us tackle global warming!

Pliny called the plant Euphrosinum, because it “maketh a man merry and joyfull”

But there’s more! Borage looks stunning, attracts bees and makes delicious honey, and even contains an extremely healthy mixture of potassium and calcium, mineral acids, and a very beneficial saline mucilage …. this forms a soothing film over a mucus membrane, relieving minor pain and inflammation. Demulcents, like borage, are common ingredients in cough mixtures and coat the throat to relieve the irritation causing the cough. A steam made from the plants and flowers is also an emollient and will, apparently, soothe dry and sensitive skin. Your very own chemist shop in one plant. Continue reading