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"Non-cooperation with evil is as much a responsibility as co-operation with good." – Ghandi


Well, what a week we’ve had!

• Our Premier described anyone protesting against APEC as a feral …. gracious … Australia must have the highest population of ferals in the world!

• Our Treasurer Peter Costello has introduced a Bill to gag public debate, allowing the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to be given the power to sue anyone out of the water if they boycott a product: Continue reading

Like sand through the hourglass …


I am visiting my mum in Queensland and, had I started this blog earlier today, I would have said I was more worried about my lack of high speed broadband than I was about global warming. Downloading videos is almost impossible. Tonight, however, after unusually warm weather in the last few days (25C in the middle of winter) there is a gale howling outside that feels as if its going to bring trees down onto the house or blow the house away altogether. Being in the middle of an extreme weather alert, suddenly global warming is number 1 on my list of concerns again. I am reminded that we are all only a heartbeat away from weather conditions that can harm us or render us homeless … as many Australians are only too aware, especially if they live near Newcastle, Gippsland or Innisfail …. Continue reading

Lest we forget


I think, as humans, having short memories is an important survival mechanism. If we remembered everything bad that happened we’d drown in self pity and low self esteem. Instead, we’re able to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and start all over again … leaving the past behind us. Governments rely on our short memories, knowing that it’s only the soundbite of today that stays in most people’s minds. And it’s as though we, the voters, all suffer a strange form of dementia – despite all the mistakes and corrupt deals we’ve observed we happily accept the latest happy soundbite … “it’s a beautiful day isn’t it? it’s a beautiful day isn’t it? it’s a beautiful day isn’t it?” But what if there are some important things we really should remember? Continue reading