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Leave no footprint


“Leave No Footprint” by Kay Singleton Keller

I’ve been so surprised … each day I’ve been finding one other action I can take to reduce my “footprint” and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself doing it … until today. I spent the night in a Motel in Blayney in freeeeeeeeeeeeeezing cold. The Motel was lovely but, like just about every other Motel, only provided air conditioning or electric blankets for warmth. Coming back to the room, fired up from giving a talk about Climate Change, I was determined not to use either. Well, not the smartest decision I’ve ever made. I huddled up shivering all night, with thin excuses for blankets, and barely slept a wink. As long blackouts become more frequent, and as electricity prices rise in the future, the whole industry will have to rethink the way it operates. Windows that can open for fresh air in summer heat and “real” blankets or doonas for winter cold! would certainly be a first step. The lesson I’ve learnt, for the future, is to take a doona or sleeping bag with me if I have to stay in a Motel room again. Continue reading