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Australia's Noisiest Bloggers


Good Morning World! (shades of John Laws in that statement)

I don’t have time for a full blog because I have to get the boys off to school but I couldn’t resist just throwing in a few lines.

I’ve woken up to frozen waterpipes for the first time I’m aware of in my entire 47 years of life (this is Australia, not Canada remember!) so I can blog in the time that I’d usually be abluting.

Yesterday marked the 3 month birthday of starting this blog (and only just over 2 months since we really started telling people) and this morning I also woke up to

the discovery that we’ve been listed no. 617 out of 1299 in the Winter07 edition of ‘Australia’s noisiest bloggers’. Yeeha!

This is a list to mark the relaunch of AustralianBlogs – it’s obviously not exhaustive, or even particularly accurate, but it measures links to listings on Australian Blogs and it’s an absolutely fabulous way to explore blogging in Australia. It also shows how quickly our message is getting out in a very short space of time. Australian Blogs is about local content for local audiences and, if you’re as new to blogging as we were 3 months ago, this is a great shortcut to our local Blog World. You can help us get even noisier by commenting on blogs around the country and letting them know of this one!

If you don’t see your blog on here, then submit it at